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Social Media Marketing

San-J's "Soup-er Giveaway"

Facebook campaign for new product launch.


Increase both Likes and Engagement on the client’s Facebook page. Educate the targeted audience on a new product from the client. Collect and provide all consumer data generated from promotion.


Daily posts to increase engagement with client fanbase. Creation and execution of a Sweepstakes App with a simple form fill to capture consumer information as well as product opinion.


The client’s Facebook fanbase increased by +22% overall. The promotion has generated over 12.2k entries and 32.7k views. The client has seen a significant boost in engagements and has received positive feedback from users.

Responsibilities: Project concept and management, design creative assets, build sweepstakes application specific for Facebook, create daily content/posts, provide a database of entries and a full report on campaign performance and insights

Campaign Results


Total Facebook Fans

Total Views

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